PRIMA 777 was founded in 2010. The company is engaged in cutting and packaging of cigarette filters, which are used for self rolling cigarettes. The high quality of our cigarette filter guarantees a reduced penetrability of harmful particles from tobacco smoke. The precise cutting of the filter is done by highly professional equipment (machines?) with laser-treated blades. The filter cigarettes are packed in a double-layered, hermetically sealed bag. An integrated to the packaging zip facilitates multiple opening and closing of the bag and thus preserves the shape and cleanliness of the filter. We produce cigarette filters of our own brand PRIMA FILTER. Our company also produces on behalf of other manufacturers. Our domestic and Europe-wide distribution network ensures a fast and cost effective delivery to our customers. PRIMA 777 manufactures the cigarette filters in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The cigarette filter of the
PRIMA FILTER is certified with
ISO 9001.2008 SGN Bulgaria
and ensures constant regard to
standard norms such as weight,
diameter, draw resistance and
pressure drop.

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